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Community Loyalty Card Fundraiser

In our best attempt to bounce back from financial losses incurred during the pandemic, the Arts Center has come up with a creative fundraiser that really brings the community together. And we are so excited!

We have been putting together a community loyalty card that will include one individual Arts Center membership key tag plus a loyalty card that will give the member benefits/discounts to over 15 local merchants! From eateries to boutiques to outdoor garden shops, each member will enjoy many perks within the community while each merchant gains loyal customers – for one whole year! Our goal is to bring community a little closer with the “shop local” mentality and give incentive to visit some gems of the community. This isn’t to say there aren’t more gems we’d love to feature—because there are SO many we love!—it’s just that we only have so much space on these credit card-sized community cards.

We will have 250 membership/loyalty cards printed to begin with, launching the fundraiser in August/September. Again, these perks are valid for a whole year! So even those who purchase their card a few months into the fundraiser still have plenty of time to rack up benefits. If this fundraiser goes well, we aim to do it again next year, featuring different local merchants!

The proceeds of this fundraiser will help The Arts Center continue operation and—hopefully—get our roof repaired soon.

Stay tuned for the big launch!