Art TAG, You Can Be IT!

Art TAG, You Can Be IT!

Have you seen those specialty license plates and wondered about them? Do they support a cause? Are they just for show? How can I get one?

Do you know that a significant portion of the funds awarded by the Tennessee Arts Commission to organizations like ours are generated through the Specialty License Plate Program? It’s TRUE!

The F-LC Arts Center receives at least one or more grants each year from the Tennessee Arts Commission allowing us to do creative projects, programming and so much more. Some of the grants we’ve received from the TN Arts Commission include awards that enabled us to host Southern Weekend of Art activities, erect the commemorative Mural we erected in 2019 off of the westside of the Square, launch our current weekly IACs and so much more.

When you choose to get one of these nifty specialty plates, those dollars go the the Commission and support the Arts locally and throughout Tennessee.

Not only are the specialty tags pretty snazzy and let folks see a little more of our personality but they give so much to organizations like ours who rely on outside funding to do what we do for the community.

Think about it! Check out the website! GET YOU A TAG!


You can go into your local Courthouse/Registration office and ask what options are available.

You can go to and select your Art tag there.

As always, thank you for your support for the Arts!